Alison Lock - Poet, Writer

'Like a gentle voice in your ear, these poems speak of love 
and life and pain and war with words so precisely-chosen 
they will make you tremble' - Laura Sheridan.

Welcome to my Home Page

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I write poetry, short stories, and I facilitate Transformative Life Writing courses.

My new poetry collection is available and can be ordered from Indigo Dreams Publishing:  Beyond Wings (IDP 2015)

Find out about my first poetry collection A Slither of Air.

And my short story collection  Above the Parapet .

My fantasy novella, Maysun and the Wingfish is to be published by Mothers Milk Books  - April 2016

I love collaborating too - do take a look at my music and poetry collaborations: eye of the heron, and, Three Hares.

My short stories have won prizes in the London Magazine Competition, Sentinel Literary Quarterly Competitions, 

and semi-finalist in the Carve Esoteric Prize 2014. 

My stories have been published in:

The London Magazine, Firewords Quarterly,

The Copperfield Review, Junoesq, Litro,

Paper Swans, Deep Water Literary Journal, 

Momaya Annual Review 2012, 

Myriad Editions Quick Fictions, 

Sentinel Champions, Tears in the Fence 57, 

Flash Frontier, Sarasvati, Southlight, Visual Verse, 

'Erthenta' performed at Bath's live bi-monthly event - A Word in Your Ear. 


Ofi Press Mexico, Assent, Pennine Platform, 

Reach, Sarasvati, Dawntreader, Southlight, Pennine Ink, 

The Word (YSJ), Uroborus, Off the Coast, 

Westward Quarterly, The Lake, 

And Other Poems, Haibun Today. 


Virginia Warbey Anthology (2010), 

Soul Feathers Macmillan Anthology (2012), 

Musings on Mothering (2012). 

Heart Shoots (2013), 

A Speaking Silence (2013),

'For Rhino in a Shrinking World (2013)',

Something Hidden (2013) Bridge House Publishing

Hildegard : visions & inspiration, edited by Gabriel Griffin Wyvern Works (2014), 

Poems for a Liminal Age, edited by Mandy Pannett, SPM Publications (2015).

Over Land, Over Sea, edited by Kathleen Bell, Emma Lee and Siobhan Logan (2015).

My work can also be viewed on poetry pf